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Cambridge Laboratory for Research into Autism



ConnectA is an informal network group run by CLaRA. It aims to bring together families, teachers, clinicians and researchers to form an interactive group that will enable each party to inform the other about their experiences of autism. We hope this will allow us to direct our research in ways which will be most helpful and improve access to the findings of our research so that it can be of most use.

We arrange discussion meetings in Cambridge and send information about our latest research to members. If you are interested in joining ConnectA or finding out more information please fill in the form here.


Parents, carers, siblings and family relatives of children and adults with autism have a unique insight into the particular challenges and difficulties that are faced everyday. By learning more from families, we can gain understanding of which difficulties are experienced frequently and the triggers of those difficulties. This information is vital to research and people working with children and adults with autism.


All of us tend to behave differently when we are away from home. The challenges of school and university can bring out behaviours that may not often be seen at home and interfere with learning. Knowing what these behaviours are and the contexts that trigger them will help research to focus on the important questions to enhance educational experiences and outcome.


Clinicians are trained to understand the underlying emotions and thoughts that contribute to the difficulties children with autism experience. They are able to help families, teachers and researchers to understand the concerns and preoccupations of children and young people with autism themselves.


It is the responsibility of researchers to communicate their findings. It is vital that this is done in a way that is accessible to all those who are affected by autism. ConnectA aims to achieve this by providing direct access to academic researchers, through meetings, talks, newsletters and this website.

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About us

We investigate cognition, learning and perception in autism and aim to apply our findings to enhance the lives of autistic children and adults, particularly in the context of school, university and the workplace. Click here to read more about our research.

We also run ConnectA, a local network group or people living and working with autism.

Useful websites


The Autism Research Centre is based in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. 


The Centre for Research in Autism and Education is based in the Institute for Education, London.


The National Autistic Society is an organisation offering a wealth of information and support.